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Al Syed Gems & Jewels Company


What makes us different than other gem dealers. There’s a reason why we’re the best and most reliable in gemstone business – we have the largest selection, the best customer service and the most comprehensive library of gemstone information available. We’re even listed as a top recommended colored stone supplier Pakistani business groups in Middle East.We deals with Raw Gemstones and Specimens & Fine cut and polished gemstone.Jewels and fine jewelry making with Brand ‘ECLA’ SRN Collection


We are having young professionals of various nationality in our international team, Major shares owned by Pakistani gem-lovers and enthusiast.A project of Business entrepreneur Pakistan and Qatar = BE- PAQ.

As per the start of formal business, Al-Syed Gemstones company in Pakistan and having branches in Qatar, Dubai, India, USA, Italy and Bangkok (Thailand) Almost all the world’s gemstones pass through us. Our colored gemstone experts are devoted to finding you the finest gems at the lowest prices and there is no better place to do that than right here in the international hub of all colored gemstone trading.And our dedicated team of gemologist and jewelry artist will make sure that they capture your thoughts in gem and jewelry art. That’s what we do very professionally and passionately


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